St Justin

Cornish jewellery and gift wear manufacturer St Justin have worked with the Cornish Culture Association to create a unique collection of pewter items based on figures from the iconic Montol Festival in Penzance. To purchase these you can contact St Justin by clicking this link or visit the St Justin store in Penzance’s Wharfside shopping centre . ¬†Pictured below are the designs available from St Justin based on the work of artists Tamsyn Swingler and Gemma Gary.


The Green Man who features during Montol and Penzance May Horns. Artist Tamsyn Swingler


Kasek- Nos or night mare. The main guise beast to appear at the Montol Festival. Artist Gemma Gary.


Old Ned, the Penzance crow which appears at Montol and Penzance May Horns. Artist Tamsyn Swingler.


Ramasses from the Montol Festival, who accompanies the Glorious Company of the Egyptian House during their festivities. Artist Tamsyn Swingler.