Worsted Frocks and Fisherman’s Smocks.

The Traditional dress of the Cornish fisherman can be viewed in the many pictures painted during the 19th and early 20th century by the Newlyn School of Artists.

In particular 2 garments were almost unviersally worn by fisherfolk, the Guernsey (in Cornwall called the Worsted Frock) and the fishermens smock.

The Worsted frock had unique patterns according to the community it was made in, Porthleven, Newlyn and Porth Gwara Worsted frock patterns are still made to this day. Made from a wool that had much of its natural oils left in the “frock” protected this fishermen from the elements whatever the weather. Patterns and wool for those wanting to attempt making a worsted frock themselves can be found here.

The fisherman’s smock was another item of work wear that has become a symbol of Cornish identity. Made from rough cloth (often canvas) and worn as an outer garment to protect the wearer from the everyday mess of work in an often messy industry. Smocks are stil made to this day according to traditional patterns and can be bought from such suppliers throughout Cornwall.

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