Troyls and Nos Lowen

Nos Lowen is a style of dance similar to the Breton Fest Noz. Nos Lowen is Cornish for “happy night”, t’s rhythms are allegedly inspired by the natural rythyms of the Cornish Language. Nos Lowen is a relatively recent development in Cornish music and dance and may be a reaction to the more formal approaches of traditional dancing. It was initially spearheaded by the Cornish group Sowena, and traditional dancers. It places greater emphasis on simpler dances, such as snake dances and furry dances, in order to increase participation and the remove need for a caller. To find upcoming Nos Lowen events please like this facebook page.

Troyl is a colloquial Cornish dialect word meaning a barn-dance or ceilidh, a social evening of dance, music, and other performances. Troyls were popular in fishing communities where they were sometimes held in fish cellars to celebrate the end of the pilchard season.

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