The Tull and the Gook

The Tull was until the advent of hard hats the standard head gear for miners in Cornwall. These were felt hats not unlike a bowler. These were steamed into shape and saturated with hot resin making them hard and durable. A very similar hat indeed seems to have been worn by Cornish Fishermen. Ā Paintings and photographs that depict costume that was common before the Sou’wester hat seem to be the same shape as tulls secured by a leather strap under the chin, no doubt to prevent their loss during inclement weather. The premier maker of these hats were Simpsons of Penzance,.

The Gook is a bonnet worn by working women and comes in several forms, often communities had their own version. The most distinctive being a gook made with a flat board which was intended to act as protective headwear.


A gook hat with a flat board


A miners Tull hat


An fisherman’s “tull” like hat


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