The Cornish Language Fellowship

The objectives of the Kowethas are to advance the education of the public in the Cornish language through promoting, encouraging and fostering its use. The Kowethas is non-party political.

For many people the highlight of the year is a fully residential weekend, the Pennseythun Gernewek, held usually around Easter time. Cornish speakers of any ability, including complete beginners are very welcome. Other social activities include guided walks, Yeth an Werin (a chance for a chat in Kernewek, usually held in a local pub) and Dydhyow Lowender (fun days where all events are organised in Cornish). The Kowethas offers a free advice and information service to any individual or organisation on any aspect of language including history, study, family and place names, naming children, streets, houses, boats or pets in Cornish, translation and the use of Cornish in business names and advertising. We are also happy to run taster days for other organisations.

Every month the society publishes a Cornish Language magazine called ‘An Gannas’ which consists of articles, stories, news, comment and puzzles. Publishing is an important aspect of the work of the society. Amongst the variety of materials that have been produced are books, diaries,stories and language learning materials. Books with accompanying CDs are also published to assist beginners. The society also produces tea-towels, mugs, car stickers, pens, cards, T-shirts and other items for sale, all displaying the Cornish language. These are available at stalls promoting the language at many events throughout the year. During the year the society organises a number of language days, often supported by Cornish music or dancing, giving Cornish speakers the opportunity of meeting together in a Cornish speaking environment.

The society is closely associated with the running of Cornish classes throughout Cornwall and beyond. It maintains links with a wide range of other cultural organisations both in Cornwall and beyond, including language and educational organisations in other Celtic countries. The society is a voluntary body, (charity no. 1065527) and its funding is raised through grants, membership, sales and donations

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