St Germans May Tree Fair

The St Germans May Tree Fair is held in late May in St Germans. Revived in 2012 the feast day in it’s original form was one of the oldest recorded traditions in Cornwall.

“Many a gay May fair has been witnessed by the old tree in the morning of the 28th of the month. Splendid fat cattle from some of the largest and best farms in the county quietly chewed the cud around its trunk. In the afternoon the basket swing dangled from its branches filled with merry laughing boys and girls from every part of the parish. On the following day the mock mayor who had been chosen with many formalities remarkable only for their rude and rough nature starting from some bush house where he had been supping too freely of the fair ale was mounted on wain or cart and drawn around it to claim his pretended jurisdiction over the ancient borough until his successor was chosen at the following nut tree fair which is a real ornament to the town we pass by a stream of water running into a large trough in which many a country lad has been drenched for daring to enter the town on the 29th of May without the leaf or branch of oak in his hat.”