Penzance cake

Various recipes exist for Penzance cake which is a bread like yeast cake.  The recipe used by the Cornish Culture Association is adapted from this description by Prof. R. Bradley in The Country Housewife and Lady’s Director, 1728:

To make Penzance-Cakes.
Take the Yolks of Eggs well beaten, put to them some Mace finely powder’d, with a few spoonfuls of Wine, a little Salt, and as much Sugar as you please; then add as much Flour as is necessary, and a small quantity of Ale-Yeast, and work your Dough pretty stiff; then add some fresh Butter, broken in little bits, and work it in till all the Paste has partaken of it, and the Dough becomes as stiff as at first. Make your Cakes then, and bake them. They will keep some time.

Penzance Cakes were often eaten at Guldize, the Cornish harvest feast.

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