Pagan Cornwall

For the majority of Cornish people prior to the 19th century the pellar or white witch of their community was a important public servant who worked hard to counter curses, provide magical protection and cure ailments. The pellar would often claim ancestry to a famous “Witch” family such as the Luteys of the Lizard area. Famous witches claiming this ancestry include Tammy Blee of Helston who’s powers were legendary throughout Cornwall.

Fascinating finds in recent years including the witch pits of Swanpool Falmout have give valuable evidence into historical witchcraft practices.

There is a modern practice based on that of historic Cornish traditional witchcraft , one of the best examples is the work done by Gemma Gary and her group Ros an Bucca which can be found here.

Included in the long list of tourist attractions in Cornwall is the museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle, founded by Cecil Williamson. This fascinating collection is constantly growing and contains historic artifacts and important documentation from the early days of the modern Witchcraft revival.

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  1. From the U.S. My wife and I have visited Cornwall (Tintagel, Boscastle, Port Issac) for the past two years at the Mid-Summer Solstice time of year. We absolutely love Cornwall and feel deeply drawn to it. What towns should we visit this Summer to deepen our knowledge of Witch/Wiccan culture ?

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