Crowdy Crawn

The crowdy-crawn is a wooden hoop covered with sheepskin used as a percussion instrument in Cornwall at least as early as 1880. It is similar to the Irish bodhrán. It is used by some modern Cornish traditional music groups as a solo or accompaniment instrument.The name crowdy-crawn is derived from the Cornish “croder croghen,” literally “skin sieve,” sometimes shortened to “crowd.”

The crowdy-crawn is said to have originated from a tool used for gathering or measuring grain.
When not in use in the field, the crowdy-crawn was used to store odds and ends in homes.

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  1. Hello,

    Thanks so much for posting this. I am currently involved in a project researching drums of the UK. Would you know if a physical Crowdy Crawn exists anywhere – to see and hear in the flesh?

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