Cornish Stannary Parliament

The Cornish Stannary Parliament is a pressure group which claims to be a revived Cornish Stannary Parliament an institution that historically was responsible for the government of the tin industry in Cornwall and had the right to veto legislation from the Westminster parliament. It was established in 1974 and has campaigned since then against the UK goverments position on the constitutional status of Cornwall.

The Cornish Stannary Paliament have conducted several high profile campaigns including “Operation Chough” an attempt to remove all English heritage signs in Cornwall which were seen by the CSP as an act of racial aggression.

The Cornish Stannary Parliament website can be found by clicking here

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  1. Hi
    Will you be marking the 400th anniversary in 2018 of the death of Sir Walter Raleigh? Raleigh was Lord Warden of the Stannaries, and as such was praised for his ‘kindnesse’ and his dedication by the Cornish antiquary Richard Carew, in his Survey of Cornwall, published in 1602. Carew dedicated the work to Raleigh, addressing him directly. He made reference to ‘the Province, and Persons, ouer whose bodies, and estates, you carrie a large, both Martiall, and ciuiil commaund, by your authoritie, but in whose hearts, and loues, you possesse a farre greater interest, by your kindnesse. Your eares, and mouth, haue euer beene open, to heare, and deliuer our grieuances, and your feete and hands, readie to goe, and worke their redresse, and that, not onely, alwayes, as a Magistrate, of your selfe, but also verie often, as a suiter, and solliciter to others, of the highest place.’

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