Cornish squab cake.

A Cornish dish of seasoned mashed potatoes, spread over a pastry casing and covered with strips of pickled pork. To make this recipe you first need to make the pickled pork. Pork was traditionally preserved in Cornwall in tubs of concentrated salty brine this was known as pickling. This was sometimes done in immense quantities especially on farms. To make a modern version you need to replicate the salting process by placing strips or chunks of pork in a concentrated brine solution. You might want to add other pickling type seasonings to add extra flavour. Remove the pork and wash it before use. The actual cake is a a pie crust filled with mash potato. Make the mash potato according to personal taste as you would a shepherds pie etc. Place the mash into the pie crust and layer the picked pork across the top. Place in an oven an cook until the potato is golden brown.