Cornish Pies

Stargazy pie

Stargazy pie

The Cornish were for many years as famous for their pies as they were their pasties. Pies formed an important part of the diet of anyone Cornish person and were especially popular at times of celebration. The prefered method of making pies differed from family to family but they were almost universally made from short crust pastry.

The following are Cornish pie filling ingredients from the past, some still eaten some for obvious reasons not.

Likky Pie
Stewed leeks served in a pie flavoured with salt pepper and sometimes cream. The pie sometimes has a hole in the crust where a egg is poured at the end of the cooking process which then cooks

Muggety Pie
Made from the entrails of sheep with the addition of clotted cream, parsley, salt and pepper

Natlin Pie
Made from the entrails of pigs ith the addition of clotted cream, parsley, salt and pepper

Limpet Pie
Limpets cooked with layers of apple and raisins and cream.

Knuckle Pie
A pie made from the meat from the meat from a pork knuckle also known as ham hock.

Star Gazy Pie
Fish pie with fish heads sticking out of the crust.

Lamby Pie
Made from minced still born lambs, flavoured with salt and pepper. Sometimes with edition of cream and parsley.

Squab Pie
Apple bacon, mutton and cream in a pie covering a young cormorant known as a “squab”. A squab in actual fact is a name for a young pigeon, this may have been the original ingredient.

Giblet Pie
Mince Goose giblets seasoned and baked. Texture and taste not unlike a haggis pie.

Herby Pie
Nettles, pepper-grass (lepedium). spinach, parsley and mustard.

Taddago Pie
Made from prematurely born Piglets.

Curlew Pie
Minced curlew meat.

Bacon and Egg Pie
Bacon pie layered with eggs with whole yolks.

Blackbird or Small Bird Pie
Eaten in some places on feast days. Small birds, often Black Birds would be stipped of what little meat they had and baked in a pie.

Fish Pie
Not the mash topped pie of the 21st Century but a short crust pastry pie with any fish that was available. Conger, Ling and Pilchards were all very popular.

Tatty Pie
Chipped or sliced potatoe seasoned with whatever was available, sometimes mustard and cream were added.

Pasty Pie
The same ingredients as the famous Cornish Pasty but served in a pie dish.

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  1. Good morning, I am trying to find a recipe fro a parsley pie which, as far as I can recall, only contains parsley, new potato, cream and seasoning. I heard of this pie many years ago from an elderly Cornish lady and as I have been offered mountains of parsley thought I’d give it a go. However inspite of trawling the internet I can’t come up with anything even closely resembling a parsley pie. Any ideas ?
    It is of course possible that this isn’t a traditional Cornish recipe.
    Any help would be gratefully received
    Many thanks
    Lynette Hartrey.

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