Cornish Language Nursery

Movyans Skolyow  Meythrin or “Nursery School Movement” is a parent led initiative with strong links to the Cornish language community and educational and language specialists. Part of our role is to provide advice to parents and carers who are thinking of bringing their children up bilingually

MSM aims to provide bilingual Cornish/English language educational opportunities for children of nursery school age (between the ages of 2 and 5 years). This is achieved through our MSM pre-school network.

The MSM website states.

“We aim to provide a happy and relaxed atmosphere in which nursery school age children can learn both the English and the Cornish languages through play, songs and games. The emphasis is on building the child’s confidence and self-esteem in a high quality, stimulating educational environment. We consider that there is no better preparation for a multilingual world than having two languages in your own life and community.”

To find out more please visit the MSM website by clicking here.

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