Cornish Language Council

The Cornish Language Council. Over the past 30 years our knowledge of the more modern phase of Cornish has grown by leaps and bounds, helped by the fact that this is the only period of Cornish that possesses a record of how it was pronounced. This encouraged some Cornish speakers to revisit the aims of the early revivalists who wished to adopt the sensible strategy of picking up the language where it had left off. The Cornish Language Council (CLC) believes this to be a more logical approach to the revival of Cornish, building on the historic forms of Cornish in the period when Cornwall was beginning to industrialise and a modern Cornwall was being born. The CLC encourages research into the Cornish of all periods but supports the teaching and dissemination of Modern rather than medieval Cornish.

The Cornish Language Council website can be visited by clicking on this link.

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