The Cornish Culture Association organises a Candlemas feast every year based on a tradition once held at Godolphin House. The feast has a Misrule theme and is part of the CCA’s Guising season which runs from the October 31st to Candlemas itself.  The evening also includes a ceremony led by the “Reeve of the Manor of Treeneere a menu consisting of foods associated with the season including a Brawn (and a mock vegan brawn) which the revellers eat at the start of the proceedings. The actual Godolphin Ritual is described below.

‘This being Candlemas Day, the old Cornish manor house of Godolphin, now a farm-house, was visited, telegraphs our Penzance correspondent, by the reeve of the manor of Lamburne, who came to collect, with time-honoured ceremony, a rent-charge upon the estate. In the presence of a crowd of curious neighbours and sight-seers, the reeve knocked thrice upon the oaken door. “I come,” he cried, “to demand my lord’s just dues–eight groats and a penny, a loaf, a cheese, a collar of brawn, and a jack of the best beer in the house. God save the King and the lord of the manor.”When the doors were opened, the reeve and some forty guests sat down to breakfast together.”

An older account from 1883 says;
“On Candlemas Day (February 2nd), before sunrise, the reeve must appear at the outer door and give three distinct knocks, saying “Oh yes! Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Here comes I, the reeve of the Manor of Lamburne, to demand my Lord’s dues: three groats and a penny in money, a loaf, a cheese, a collar of brawn and a jug of the best beer in the house; God save the King and the Lord of the Manor.”

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