Bewnans Kernow

Bewnans Kernow.
Bewnans Kernow is a partnership of Cornish Cultural Organisations.
Bewnans Kernow developed from a Cornwall Cultural Strategy sector consultation conference held inNovember 2008 by Cornwall County Council’s Cultural Partnership. The aim of this conference was to address sustaining, building and celebrating Cornwall’s distinctive culture and cultural offering.

Subsequent to the conference, Cornwall County Council and Gorsedh Kernow worked together to develop the partnership of Cornish cultural organisations. During the early meetings, for the first time a very wide range of Cornish cultural groups were drawn together to discuss the development of the Cornish cultural sector.

The Partnership’s objects are to:
Support, promote and develop all aspects of indigenous Cornish culture
Advocate for the Cornish People and their cultural distinctiveness
Provide capacity building expertise to member organisations
Be an important point of entry on issues relating to Cornish culture
Support and co-operate with those Cornish Associations outside of Cornwall, including those of the Cornish Diaspora.

The Cornish Culture Association is a member of Bewnans Kernow

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