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Cornish Culture online is a free guide to the unique and vibrant indigenous culture of Cornwall. This website is part of the "Celebrate Kernow" project a campaign designed to encourage new people to participate in Cornish Culture.

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Celebrate Kernow

The Cornish Year

Cornish Food
Pasty.Traditional Cornish Drink.

Cornish Music
Cornish Dance.

Traditional Cornish Costum

Cornish Customs.
Cornish Language.
Cornish Dialect.
Cornish Literature  and Drama.

Celebrate Kernow
Cornish Religion.

Cornish Sports and Games

Wrasslin, Hurling and other games explained.

Cornish Wrestling.Cornish Folklore.

 Ancient Monuments.

Men-An-Tol.Cornish Traditional Crafts.
Cornish institutions.